This is something from my own experience. Don’t ask who, what, when or where. But believe me, it’s true.

Fangirling and getting inspired by a celebrity are the two faces of the same coin. Two opposite faces. And the results of both are as opposite as that of it’s faces. So, I present this very piece/story today and I have curved out the differences between these two things. Please, it’s mostly for the people of my own age group (13-19).
Symptoms of Fangirling:
a. Obsession with the particular celebrity.
b. Stalking the celebrity on socio-networking sites.
c. Trying hard to keep yourself up-to-date with the whens and wheres of the celebrity.
d. Blabbering about your love for the celebrity in public for no reason.
e. Feeling jealous at the slightest attention received by other fans.
f. Worrying about the celebrity’s boyfriend/girlfriend or other personal matters.
g. Feeling angry/sad when the celebrity doesn’t notice you.
h. Spending hours over the internet updating the fan pages.
i. Many more.

And here’s the difference between Fangirling and getting inspired.

1) Fangirling is dangerous, getting inspired often brings positive changes in a person.

2) If fangirling gets into a person’s head, it means he’s obsessed with that particular celebrity. And obsession is never good. But when a person gets inspired, he/she will try to learn from that celebrity, learn the hardwork, and appreciate the aftermath.

3) The former always; always results in jealousy, which is not healthy. A fangirl gets often jealous of other fangirls of the same celebrity, which may result in crime. In the latter, there comes no question of the emergence of jealousy.

4) Fangirls often waste long hours surfing the internet for updates about the celebrity. If you are inspired by some celebrity, you’ll probably read their quotes and try to analyse them.

Friends,fangirling, over recent times, has turned into a disease. If you or anyone you know is a fangirl, please try your best to bring them back to their life. Please note that all fans are not fangirls.

** Fangirls don’t always mean girls, it’s just a catch-phrase.


Dream Destinations – #Bucketlist Hits

I have no aspiration to become a billionaire. Neither do I want to become a wanderer. But I certainly want to visit a few places at least once in my lifetime.Presently, you will see that these places, which I have been so fantasized about, bear nothing in common. And, visiting them alone would have no fun, I catch that. And since my wings are still premature to fly to high, I can no nothing but dream😶.
#1 Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Famous for being the most haunted place in India, this is a 17th century fort built by Man Singh 1 (one of the navratans of Akbar) for his grandson. 
There are various legends surrounding this area. As one legend goes, a sadhu named baba Balanath lived within the fort area. It was his injunction that any houses built in the precincts of the fort should not be taller than his house, and if the shadow of any such house fell on his house, it would result in destruction of the fort town.

There are various other tales surrounding it. Superstition, as you may call it, the visits to this site are restricted before dawn or after dusk by the Archaeological Survey of India. 

And yoohoo, this place tops my list! 

#2 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando

If I turn out alive from Bhangarh, this would be my next stop. A visit to this place is a must for every Harry Potter fan. Imagine going inside the Hogwarts Castle, casting spells, drinking butterbear 🍺 and visiting the Diagon Alley. The very thought makes me jump in joy🐬 

This Harry Potter Theme Park in Orlando has it all ! 

Once I am inside The Leaky Cauldron, I am going to drink gallons of butterbear🙎 

#3 Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir

Famous for the huge amount of Bollywood songs that have been shot here, Pahalgam is a one of the most famous tourist spots of JnK.

#4 Mawphlang Sacred Forest, Mawphlang, Meghalaya

The Mawphlang Fores is a holy place for the Khasi people of Meghalaya. It comes alive during cultural festivals when animal sacrifices are made to the deity. 

#5 RMS Titanic Wreck site

At last, but never ever the least, this had always Ben my dream! 

What a Wonderful Tale – #2 High School Treasures

There will come a time

When everything will pause,

When there will be nothing but memories,

And time would never be the same.

When I’ll be an old lady

Waiting to taken by the fairies

I’ll sit in a rocking chair

With a walking stick in my shaking hands,

Looking up at the bright sky

Reminiscing these days

Of friends and families

Of laughter and enjoyments,

Of exams and wars.

What a wonderful tale to tell.
These days, 

Which I sometimes love,

And sometimes hate

These days,

In which I mostly laugh and jump in joy

And sometimes cry in the corner,

Where exams are the biggest pressure 

And my loved ones the biggest treasure

Will soon be over.
I’m ready to step into my college life,

And bid farewell to my high school life

This new life I await,

Will be of new zing and new experiences.

But I’ll not be alone 

For I will take with

Things to remember, and memories never to forget.

What a tale to tell. 

~ Flaky

Friends – #1 High School Treasures

As an only child of my parents, I never had the fortune to play with my siblings and grow up. I could never understand what brothers and sisters were like. I never had the chance to enjoy the joy of sharing. I have cousins of my age but they live quite far away and in those days I used to meet them rarely. I still do, but thanks to Facebook and WhatsApp. No one in my neighborhood had children of my age either. This had quite an effect on me. When I first attended school, at the age of three, I used to hate to share my belongings with any of my friends. I’d do anything that was asked me to do but sharing, whether it be my tiffin or my pencil. I found it very rude and cruel to share. This lasted for almost two years in my play house school. As a result, I lacked the ability to play with friends. I remember, I used to play alone. And now I realize what I had missed.

When I left my play house and came to my new school (2005),  I made an instant friend, Ananya. She is very beautiful and she was an only child too. But she wasn’t like me. She knew how to make friends. We became the best of friends (we still are). I still didn’t have much friends. But by the time I was in class I, I realized the huge amount of friends I had. I enjoyed it totally.

Ananya left our school in 2011, (class V) and shifted to our nearby town, Tinsukia. I missed her very much. It’s true that no one ever could fill up her space in my heart. But again, thanks to WhatsApp, we are in touch again.

I left my school and came to my current school in mid September 2012. That was indeed an odd time to join a school.   This was where my mother taught English. I faced my old problem again. I have been in an English medium school since the very start of my school carrier. But almost all of my classmates from this school had started schooling in Assamese/ Hindi medium school. Which made them quite younger then me. When I was of 2000, many of my friends were of 2002. Although hardly any of my classmates was aware of this, and this wasn’t a problem but I had the impression that they were my little brothers and sisters. It took quite a while for me to take this thought out of my mind.

I began to slowly give myself in. I had made some friends, finally. Some are quite special to me too. The strange part is, most of my friends are from other sections or class. I have only a few friends from my own section.
I will always remember the fun we had. In our Annual Sports Week, I was always the one to shout the most when someone from my house joined the race.

The funniest part about the students of my school is the amount of students who are afraid of my mother and as well as me. Even though I never do anything fearful. Maybe, what I now feel, I have a tinge of bossism in my character, Leo at its best 😁.

But this journey was fun and interesting. When I’ll go to my college next year, I’d have things to remember. I don’t know if I will be able to keep in touch with all of them but I sure will. Maybe after this, the next time I’ll see them would be their marriage😝 or even mine 😌

Miss. Flaky 💋

2016 and Exam Challenges

​​Though the days of wars with swords and arms 😤 are gone, life wars never go. Every person has his own insecurities, worries and challenges. He, whether willingly or unwillingly, must fight them off. He must get down and fight in the war, alone , against a hundred enemies in the battlefield called Life. Well, I am no different. 
I am pretty sure grown ups have huge worries and loads but, since I am just sixteen, for me, my biggest and upcoming war is The Battle of Board Exams (January 2016- February 2017- so as to make it look more real). Phew . This is my humongous concern at the moment. My teachers say that this is the fist step of struggle. It is the first big break to prove myself. And My biggest face-off would be, of course,  with Mathematics and Science. Dhuuum dhaam dhishooooM 👊. Because if I don’t beat these two up, they’d murder me. And as if this is not enough, there are people who eat my already blocked up head asking why I didn’t take up Advanced Maths 😩
No questions asked, I am a Humanities Student. I love to flair my creativity (the tad bit I have) and think and read. I love to imagine. Logic isn’t my cup of tea. I love to memorise when the Battle of Plassey took place, not the blood pressure the soldiers had at the time of the battle and the condition of their heart or the rate of flow of their blood and the systematic condition of their arteries and veins. Ahha, I know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide and a little bit of trigonometry. I know the functions of Stomata and the hormones secreted in our body. But it’s, as I see, not about what I know but what I don’t know and fight to learn it all. Which means, I have to gobble up everything I am provided this year and must vomit it all on the answer sheet in my finals. duh.  👄
So apart from these two shoulders of Dracula👿, I also have English, Elective, MIL (Modern Indian Languages) and Social Science in my closet. toughy toughy. Hmmm, let’s see what I can do about these. AThough the days of wars with swords and arms are gone, life wars never go. Every person has his own insecurities, worries and challenges. He, whether willingly or unwillingly, must fight them off. He must get down and fight in the war, alone , against a hundred enemies in the battlefield called Life. Well, I am no different. 

As for me, MIL is one of those things which I have to fight off and I am too glad to do that. I took Hindi for MIL which, a lot think, was not a good decision. You see, MIL is the first language in our school and students usually take their mother language for MIL. And. My. Mother language. Is. Not. Hindi. I am a pure Assamese. And in my MIL class, everyone except me is of hindi descent. If not Hindi then Maithili which is close to Hindi. Sometimes, the thought makes me afraid. It’s like I am into something where everyone else is professing at and I am a dumb fool.  But, what I have recently realized is fantastic. How could I be such a fool? (How would you know that?) Our hindi teacher is also an Assamese. And he is so very good at the language. My main aim behind taking up Hindi is that I don’t fantasize living in Assam after my graduation. I don’t know why, but I just do. And I want to work in the media world. And so, Hindi is a much must. A little bit of uuuggggghs and ooohhss and I can expect letter marks.💀👻
And now comes Elective. Our school provides a number of elective subjects as in Hindi, Assamese, Advanced Mathematics, Geography, Computer Science and Sanskrit. So when I decided to take up Hindi as my MIL last year and leave Assamese, the patriotic part in me refused to do that. So I changed my Elective from Computer science to Assamese. And I am glad I did that. As an Assamese, I feel brave in my Elective class. And I expect good marks there.
Social Science is one big sumo player. As the course is beyond huge. Our social science consists of History, Geography, Political Science and Economics. So, there. We’ve got three books for the subject.History and Geography are fair. But I must work on the maps. I love Pol Science as its the easiest I find. But economics is one big thing.  But still not as terrifying as those two shoulders of Dracula. 
English. Tough. Very tough. But the most enjoyable subject and my favourite. The books are small. One is as thin as my mobile phone. But thats not even half the course.  Comprehension, composition, grammar, vocabulary etc etc. I visualize English as a big banyan tree which has a huge stem and zillions of branches. But its still the best. I had a knack for this subject since class II. My mother is also a teacher in English and maybe that had some influence in me. And I love to play with words. 🎆
Merlin’s beard! I wrote so much! 📚 ahhaa! That felt good. That was the best way I could explain my views on the battle. That’d be all for now. 
Until then,
Xoxo, oh yeah, your thoughts, blessings and tips are most welcomed. 
– Miss. Flaky 💋

Miss. Flaky and her Diary

​As you see it all – I am Miss. Flaky. Don’t freak out, that’s not my name on my birth certificate; I will tell you all about it, maybe sometime later 😘. Tbh, I have fashioned out this name to make my blog look interesting, that’s what everyone wants , don’t they?

So, yea, I am a flaky. As in, a lunatic, nutty, barmey…phew thanks Thesaurus. But why would you want to read the blog of a lunatic in the first place? Simple. Coz I am a flaky and I am different, unless we are the same boat brothers of course. Haha, not reason enough is it? Guess you’ll have to find it out below.

You see, I am a 16 year old tweedy eyed school girl 😝 and this is my last year in high school. I am starting my college sophomore year in 2017 and tbh, the thought makes me a bit teary eyed. For me, 2017 will be the start of a fresh and new journey. After that, I would be an adult and out flies my childhood.. Than I would be oh-so-nostalgic about those days in school and those old friends. Yes, maybe I would so, but for now, I want to capture some lifetime memories and write about them in here. Basically, this blog would be more like a diary to me. Tattadaaa! Now here comes the question for the day, am I going to write here everything I would write in my personal diary? No, honestly. I won’t. But hey, I haven’t got a diary! So, that means, yes! Now that it is my only diary I would love to introduce a bit about myself.
I am, at least that’s what I think , a very normal teen. I live in a small town called Duliajan in Assam, India and I read in a school, Oil India Higher Secondary School. Nothing is much in my life here, but it’s own. I have a lovey dovey family of four – my mum and my two siblings, Kutu and Gulu. Well they are my pets, biologically but since I haven’t got any sibling, I treat them alike. I am a very very and as very as could be mediocre student. I have an aptitude for creative writing, since my mum is a writer too and all other literature subjects. But Maths and Science😒 let’s not get to that part. I don’t like talking about what I am awfully awful at.

So back again to page one, I am 16, and I’ve got a big pot for a belly and a pakora for a nose 😼 and I am an aspiring, well, eh, job holder. I love eating and watching soapy soaps, a great dog person, movie buff and a HHHUUUGGEE Potterhead. So please bare with me if I sometimes get carried away with my fandom, or, fellow potterhead? Hi5! 🙋 

Okay now, some serious business. I believe (I believe) that I am just a very common earthling and my main point of keeping this diary is a bit different. I think this blog would be a great piece to me sometime later in my life. Maybe I can even show this to my children (too cheesy?) 

So if you have stuck up with me until this, than congrats!!

I am going write here about anything and everything I love (or hate ;), but that’s not much).

PS: I am nothing like a flake though, you see, I am quite heavy;)