This is something from my own experience. Don’t ask who, what, when or where. But believe me, it’s true.

Fangirling and getting inspired by a celebrity are the two faces of the same coin. Two opposite faces. And the results of both are as opposite as that of it’s faces. So, I present this very piece/story today and I have curved out the differences between these two things. Please, it’s mostly for the people of my own age group (13-19).
Symptoms of Fangirling:
a. Obsession with the particular celebrity.
b. Stalking the celebrity on socio-networking sites.
c. Trying hard to keep yourself up-to-date with the whens and wheres of the celebrity.
d. Blabbering about your love for the celebrity in public for no reason.
e. Feeling jealous at the slightest attention received by other fans.
f. Worrying about the celebrity’s boyfriend/girlfriend or other personal matters.
g. Feeling angry/sad when the celebrity doesn’t notice you.
h. Spending hours over the internet updating the fan pages.
i. Many more.

And here’s the difference between Fangirling and getting inspired.

1) Fangirling is dangerous, getting inspired often brings positive changes in a person.

2) If fangirling gets into a person’s head, it means he’s obsessed with that particular celebrity. And obsession is never good. But when a person gets inspired, he/she will try to learn from that celebrity, learn the hardwork, and appreciate the aftermath.

3) The former always; always results in jealousy, which is not healthy. A fangirl gets often jealous of other fangirls of the same celebrity, which may result in crime. In the latter, there comes no question of the emergence of jealousy.

4) Fangirls often waste long hours surfing the internet for updates about the celebrity. If you are inspired by some celebrity, you’ll probably read their quotes and try to analyse them.

Friends,fangirling, over recent times, has turned into a disease. If you or anyone you know is a fangirl, please try your best to bring them back to their life. Please note that all fans are not fangirls.

** Fangirls don’t always mean girls, it’s just a catch-phrase.


Dream Destinations – #Bucketlist Hits

I have no aspiration to become a billionaire. Neither do I want to become a wanderer. But I certainly want to visit a few places at least once in my lifetime.Presently, you will see that these places, which I have been so fantasized about, bear nothing in common. And, visiting them alone would have no fun, I catch that. And since my wings are still premature to fly to high, I can no nothing but dream😶.
#1 Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Famous for being the most haunted place in India, this is a 17th century fort built by Man Singh 1 (one of the navratans of Akbar) for his grandson. 
There are various legends surrounding this area. As one legend goes, a sadhu named baba Balanath lived within the fort area. It was his injunction that any houses built in the precincts of the fort should not be taller than his house, and if the shadow of any such house fell on his house, it would result in destruction of the fort town.

There are various other tales surrounding it. Superstition, as you may call it, the visits to this site are restricted before dawn or after dusk by the Archaeological Survey of India. 

And yoohoo, this place tops my list! 

#2 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando

If I turn out alive from Bhangarh, this would be my next stop. A visit to this place is a must for every Harry Potter fan. Imagine going inside the Hogwarts Castle, casting spells, drinking butterbear 🍺 and visiting the Diagon Alley. The very thought makes me jump in joy🐬 

This Harry Potter Theme Park in Orlando has it all ! 

Once I am inside The Leaky Cauldron, I am going to drink gallons of butterbear🙎 

#3 Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir

Famous for the huge amount of Bollywood songs that have been shot here, Pahalgam is a one of the most famous tourist spots of JnK.

#4 Mawphlang Sacred Forest, Mawphlang, Meghalaya

The Mawphlang Fores is a holy place for the Khasi people of Meghalaya. It comes alive during cultural festivals when animal sacrifices are made to the deity. 

#5 RMS Titanic Wreck site

At last, but never ever the least, this had always Ben my dream!