What a Wonderful Tale – #2 High School Treasures

There will come a time

When everything will pause,

When there will be nothing but memories,

And time would never be the same.

When I’ll be an old lady

Waiting to taken by the fairies

I’ll sit in a rocking chair

With a walking stick in my shaking hands,

Looking up at the bright sky

Reminiscing these days

Of friends and families

Of laughter and enjoyments,

Of exams and wars.

What a wonderful tale to tell.
These days, 

Which I sometimes love,

And sometimes hate

These days,

In which I mostly laugh and jump in joy

And sometimes cry in the corner,

Where exams are the biggest pressure 

And my loved ones the biggest treasure

Will soon be over.
I’m ready to step into my college life,

And bid farewell to my high school life

This new life I await,

Will be of new zing and new experiences.

But I’ll not be alone 

For I will take with

Things to remember, and memories never to forget.

What a tale to tell. 

~ Flaky


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